systemsthinker (systemsthinker) wrote,

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

There is something about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his legacy that I find unbelievably powerful. I have been brought to flooding tears time and again watching documentaries about him and sometimes even just by looking at a picture of him giving a speech. I know that, though I always admired him and what he did, in my younger days I didn't really fully comprehend the power of what he did. But in the last few years that has changed. Here was a man that stood in the most dangerous situations, risking his life on a daily basis, to tell the truth about the injustice perpetrated on his people. Here was a man who had the vision to go beyond divisions by race, creed, socioeconomics or gender, and come to embrace all of humanity. Here was a man with the courage to stand in the midst of violent hatred and preach love. And here is a man who died doing it so that we in America could have a true symbol of the power of the human spirit. Of all the Americans who have national monuments and holidays attributed to them, perhaps none was as much a champion of the rights of all humans, and as much a representative of all of us, not just Americans. So I hope that today people will read something about his life and if possible, truly think for a few minutes about what this man did. How many of us could stand in those situations he did and have the faith and bravery to speak the truth, come what may, just because somebody had to do it?
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