systemsthinker (systemsthinker) wrote,

Personality Type Determines Politics?

I don't agree totally with this study but it certainly raises a fascinating question, one that ties in completely with why I moved from big picture political activism to working more with individual and group coaching and consulting on a more focused scale. The jist of it is summarized at the end:

"Whether anyone's feelings are hurt or not, the work suggests that personality and emotions play a bigger role in our political leanings than we think. All of us, liberal or conservative, feel as though we've reached our political opinions by carefully weighing the evidence and exercising our best judgment. But it could be that all of that careful reasoning is just after-the-fact self-justification. What if personality forms our political outlook, with reason coming along behind, rationalizing after the fact?

It could be that whom we vote for has less to do with our judgments about tax policy or free trade or health care, and more with the personalities we've been stuck with since we were kids."

Tie that conclusion in with my experience that a person's personality can, with proper techniques and development, become more fully balanced, and you have the picture of how we can escape our dogmatic unilateral tendencies to reach a more complete understanding that actually transcends BOTH conservative or liberal.

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